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The story of Caddo Valley Pecans began centuries ago

when many of our trees were saplings. Yes, the age of many of these Texas native pecan trees is measured in centuries rather than decades. This is a testament to the deep rich bottomlands of north Texas near Bonham. Fertile soil and underground spring waters in this area have allowed these mammoth pecan trees to thrive for centuries. The Caddo Indians, residents of this area, utilized pecans from these very trees as a vital source of food in the 1700s and 1800s.


In the 1930's, Edna Earl Hope, a young single woman saved her money from the sale of eggs, fresh milk and cream to make a down payment on a 60-acre parcel of land in 1941. Her husband, Forrest Porter, later expanded the ranch and raised cattle on the land until he was 85 years old. Mr. and Mrs. Porter truly believed that chemicals, pesticides and herbicides had no place on their ranch. Their philosophy was, "anything that can kill plants, bugs and animals can kill us as well." Little did they know that they were early pioneers of today's "organic" farming and ranching.


The ranch has remained in the Porter family and the 'no chemical' policy continues today. As a result, our native pecan trees have never been exposed to any chemicals, herbicides or pesticides and produce the highest quality pecan available today.


Caddo Valley Pecans is a family-owned business that ships seasonally fresh Texas native in-shell pecans to your front door. You will notice that these pecans are different in size, color and flavor from those you find in the grocery store. They have not been genetically altered to increase size. The flavor from these high quality pecans comes from their natural beneficial oil that contains valuable nutrition.


We are now happy to offer a gift package for Texas A&M fans which includes a German made stein that is filled with native pecans and also includes a souvenir Caddo Valley Pecans burlap bag which is also handy for decorating. The stein is made by the historic West German stein manufacturer Handarbeit and depicts the Aggie bonfire from years past.

Your will receive the stein filled with in-shell pecans along with the burlap bag
for $29.95 plus shipping and handling costs.


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